hello. welcome to my website.
i'm ziad87, i do some web things, networking and so on. please, call me ziad.
not very much exists here. but what does exist here, i hope you enjoy.

projects n things

below, you find a list of projects (or random memes) i built, maintain or are otherwise involved in, in no particular order:

a cool little hosting provider that works with you.
windows 96
web operating system designed to push your browser to its limits.
discord backend clone platform. mostly compatible with 2017 discord api (v6). uses a client from feb 2017 at the moment.
discord bot released in 2020. creates markov chains to reproduce your writing style. can be rather funny at times.
discord bot i built originally in 2018. oriented for fun and a bit of server spice. not very well maintained at the moment unfortunately.
discord intents calculator
as the name says, calculates values for the discord intents payload.
url shortener
one of the first projects ever released on this website. not very useful given its domain name, but it does work.
what gato are you?
frrreeee money downloads

there's probably more i forgot to mention

your connection

random stats about your connection:

your IP is, which is an IPv4 address.
please consider learning more about IPv6, why it's a good thing, and consider asking your ISP about it.
your ASN is AS14618, AMAZON-AES.
your hostname is ec2-100-26-176-111.compute-1.amazonaws.com.

other stuff

contact me
contact me using this email. replies could be in spam.
discord server
this server is kind of dead. but you can reach me there. discord name: ziad87

thanks for checking this out. see you around!bean